Imagine a room full of workshop participants looking down at their mobile phones. On the screen of their mobile phone each participant has an image of the passport page of the character they are about to play. All characters are refugees. One may be a Sudanese taxi driver, escaping poverty. Another may be a Syrian engineer escaping the war. A third may be a young Afghan that left Afghanistan several years ago and has been on the road since. The background of each character will determine the effects of the choices the participant does during the workshop.

What Now? is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) where participants take part in a simulated game where they play as refugees. The experience starts with them having successfully navigated a long and treacherous path and have finally arrived in Greece, in an improvised camp on one of the islands. But there is no time to rest. They need to find a place to settle down. But what is the best option? What way is safest? And how do you actually move through Europe to get where you hope to get? The larp is meant to be played by school children as a supplement to the regular education program and takes about 2 hours.

Print And Play version:
Manual, Item Cards, Border Control, NGO, Trafficker Map and Instructions, Passports

All assets in one package (not suited for printing).