AR Game

The Journey: Istanbul is an award winning sequel to The Journey: Khartoum with background stories, events and illustrations. The game takes place in the Turkish city of Istanbul with refugees coming from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq before taking the boat for Greece from Izmir.

This new version of the game includes an Augmented Reality addition which allows players to bring the obstacle and opportunity cards to life through short AR films as well as spreading the game to anyone with a smart phone through the AR companion mode.

Download the AR game package here

The board game can be downloaded and printed or ordered by sending an email to contact [at] 

The AR Companion App can be downloaded here

iOS: The Journey AR Companion App

Android: The Journey AR Companion App

Print and Play version of the Board Game

Obstacle and Opportunity cards for AR, print in A4
Board Game Rules print in booklet format, A3 or A4
The Board print in A3 or A4
Event Sheet, print in A3
Journey Planner print in A5
Event Cards, Front, Back, print in A3
Obstacle Cards, Front, Back, print in A5
Opportunity Cards, Front, Back, print in A5
Alternative Board Cards, print in A4