Virtual Museum

This Virtual Cultural Heritage Museum is a source of information about people on the move. These are migrant and refugee stories from people who have decided to implant themselves in another country. Creating and developing the Virtual Cultural Heritage Museum allows us to further raise awareness about migration and our common cultural heritage. Here we list just some examples of this diversity that exists among us.


These are migrant and refugee stories from people who have decided to implant themselves in another country. Here they talk about their lives, their intangible culture and what brought them to the country.

Amira from Indonesia

Alona from Ukraine

Caecedo from Suranem

Wahiba from Syria

Alex from Bulgaria

Leandro from Angola

Majed from Palestine

Isa from Irak

Semire from Irak

Comic Book

The Fisherman’s Eye. Kostas Pinteris, a fisherman on the Greek island Lesbos, has been rescuing refugees from drowning in the Aegean Sea for many years and has become a local hero and been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. He has collected a large volume of memories and stories about refugees and the re-telling of his stories in a comic book form.
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The Journey: Istanbul is an award winning sequel to The Journey: Khartoum with background stories, events and illustrations.
This new version of the game includes an Augmented Reality addition which allows players to bring the cards to life through the films. These films will enact the events on the activity and opportunity cards. Play

What Now? is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) where participants take part in a simulated game where they play as refugees. They are in Greece and there is no time to rest. They need to find a place to settle down. But what is the best option? What way is safest? And how do you actually move through Europe to get where you hope to get? The LARP is meant to be played by school children as a supplement to the regular education program. Download

The Back Way is a fusion of a narrative role playing game featuring an interactive web based documentary. You are a Gambian citizen, and desperate for a better life in Europe you decide to leave your country to reach Europe. If you stay you remain in poverty. As you decide to leave you are confronted by a myriad of choices; do you go north via Mauritania or east, via Niger? Play Game


Moving on – voices from children in migration is an exhibition and contemporary documentation project carried out by Kulturen in Lund, Malmö Museum and Regionmuseet Skåne, in collaboration with many others. You will get acquainted children who have fled the ongoing war in Ukraine through their drawings. You will see drawings by children from Syria who came to Sweden in 2015–2016. Drawings by the children have been animated and brought to life in this series. Watch


THE CROSSING is a single player immersive site-specific VR experience that will make the participants embody and feel what a refugee experiences during the sea crossing to Europe. The installation will use both the film/s and the on-site museum space to create an interactive experience which is both physical and virtual using VR glasses, projections on walls and videos. The experience will last around 30′. It’s all about the lottery of life! Watch


This is a film about Ousman who took the dangerous route from Gambia to Europe. The film is contains archival, filmed and animated sequences as we document his journey to Europe. With on-location filming in Africa and Italy, we hear Ousman’s desire for an opportunity to do something with his life in Europe. He is one of the lucky one’s while thousands perish in the harsh seas. Watch


Telling the Real Story is UNHCR’s dedicated social media channels serving as a platform for discussion and knowledge-sharing amongst communities.

Tesfalem from Eritrea

Tesfay from Eritrea

Yonas from Eritrea

Maymun from Somalia

Mahamed from Somalia

Ali Bashi from Somalia